My name is Winnie Kyster.

Working with oneself has, to me, always been about combining possibilities and elements and to give these a personal dimension. It has notthing to do with defying gravity or to make time come to a standstill - on the contrary.

For more than a couple of decades I have taken an interest in - and allowed myself the opportunity to interpret and understand - in depth - the possibilities which astrology offers. It has been a long journey via the thorough German educational system (klick:vita) and through working in practise with clients whereby I have achieved growing insights into and understanding of myself. If you wish to know more about my work within the field of astrology (klick:Astrological consulting).

Through astrology it is possible to achieve down-to-earth insights. Certain things can be charted with clarity and others can open up for further self analysis and thereby help to increase your understanding of yourself and others, for instance, of their reactions to your actions and behaviour.

In parallel to astrology I have in recent years worked with something even more down-to-earth offering help to an even wider group of people, namely the alernative form of treatment, the so called "cranio-sacral-theraphy". I have studied this form of treatment, and continue to update my knowledge, at the "Stanley Rosenbert Institute, Copenhagen" which educates therapists in cranio-sacral-theraphy.

Carnio-sacral-theraphy is about well-being as well as better understanding of yourself, but on the body itself via an alternative form of treatment.

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