The birth horoscope reflects the astronomical sky at the time of birth which precisely shows the individual's qualities.

On the basis of the individual data I offer a personality analysis which can increase the understanding of problems in relation to yourself and to others and also increase your awareness of your own potential.

Such an analysis gives room for the free will and thus help us to better understand and accept ourselves. It does not box a person into a fixed frame work

My consultations are focused on solutions and are down-to-earth.

In order to be able to draw up a horoscope I need the following information:

  • date of birth
  • location (town, country)
  • exact time of birth

If you are born in Denmark and do not know the exact time for your birth you can obtain the exact time for a fee at the following website: time of birth  

I need the exact time to be able to calculate the horoscope.

The consultation itself is person to person and lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

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